Machu Picchu in March? – What you need to know

In March the rains decrease considerably in Cusco, although they can still occur in the afternoon. Usually in this month the fog begins to cover the landscape, but as the day progresses, it will disappear.

Therefore, when it comes to visiting Machu Picchu in March, the Inca Trail reopens its popular hiking route, after having been closed for maintenance in February. As it is greener, and less crowded with tourists, it is a great time to travel to the ruins, as we will see below.

March: is it a good time to visit Machu Picchu?

Although there is also the presence of precipitation, visiting Machu Picchu in March is one of the best seasons to experience a new adventure in the Inca City. Visitors can enjoy dry and sunny weather, lower rates and excellent conditions for walking and swimming.

In addition, in March the rains begin to decrease and are of short duration, just a few scattered showers that are not very intense. In fact, it is the last month of the rainy season, so the low humidity and fog are not an obstacle to enjoy this paradise.

In addition, the flora and fauna are abundant, and the mountains are dressed in a fresh and unparalleled greenery, perfect for taking incredible souvenir photos. You will also see many rainbows that offer beautiful contrasts with the landscape!

On the other hand, you should consider that, in March, rates are relatively low on tours and lodging expenses, and you won’t have to wait in long lines to board trains or buses, or to buy tickets.

However, it is important to make your reservations in advance, especially if you plan to make your trip at the end of March or close to Easter, as this holiday usually attracts hundreds of travelers to the Sacred Valley.

What is the weather like in March?

In March, rainfall in Machu Picchu varies in intensity from light to heavy. On average, it rains between 14 to 21 days in the whole month, mainly in the afternoons. Most days the sky is cloudy, but it also offers some hours or days totally clear.

Temperatures usually reach 25°C, with a minimum of 13°C, especially in the evening. Temperatures can also drop quickly when the sun hides behind clouds, so it is best to pack layers.

What to wear for Machu Picchu in March?

I recommend you take adequate clothing in case of rain or strong sun, so you should include a variety of items in your suitcase, from long-sleeved shirts, short sleeves to gloves, cold weather coat, raincoat, sunscreen, hat, extra batteries and sunglasses.

In Cusco you can also find a wide variety of coats with high quality alpaca fabric to keep you warm and comfortable at all times. Also don’t forget to bring a mosquito repellent spray.
How crowded is the month of March?

If you are organizing your trip to Machu Picchu in March, I recommend making your reservations for the last two weeks of March, as there is less likelihood of heavy rains and fewer travelers.

In fact, it is one of the least crowded months with the most favorable weather conditions for climbing the mountains, trekking, hiking, and venturing out on one of the many tours around the city.

Likewise, in March, agencies and hotel accommodation services lower their rates, which makes this season with low rainfall much more convenient if you want to visit the Inca sanctuary, and save a little money without missing out on anything.

Recommendations for visiting Machu Picchu in March

First of all, you must take into account the dates when the Holy Week is celebrated, because in some years this celebration occurs in March or April, and the streets are filled with processions and some festivities for this reason.

In this case, tourism agencies and hotels tend to increase the rates of their services, and the availability of tickets and rooms is scarcer due to the arrival of the large number of national and international tourists.

However, in this month it is very easy to take any means of transportation without any problem, both trains and buses. However, the services of the Poroy station in Cusco are not active, so you will have to take a bus for the Cusco-Ollantaytambo section and continue by train to Aguas Calientes from there.

On the other hand, the best time to go up to the Inca Sanctuary is from 8 am to 1 pm. If you decide to go up earlier in the morning, it is possible that the clouds will be an obstacle to enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains. Another of the singularities of visiting Machu Picchu in March, is that it is possible to see a great biodiversity.

The variety of butterfly species is unique compared to other months! This is great news if you love to discover new species of flora and fauna.

One of the things that travelers enjoy the most is the Inca Trail, which opens again to visitors in this month, so many hikers take advantage of the low influx of tourists to walk directly to the park through the Puerta del Sol.

It is also a great opportunity for those who love outdoor activities, as those who don’t mind the rain too much, love to spend the night in the best places when trekking on one of the many routes offered during this season. However, you will find the trail a bit muddy and slippery!

Another of the most popular activities to do during this season is rafting, because due to the rainfall, the rivers have very high levels. Also, during this activity you will be able to see closer some wild animals, such as monkeys, ducks, Andean condor, among others.

So, March is a good time to visit Machu Picchu due to the pleasant weather, reduced crowds, lower prices and the natural beauty of the area in all its splendor like in no other month of the year.

How about Machu Picchu in another month?