Machu Picchu in April? – What you need to know

April is the beginning of the “dry season in Machu Picchu”, so rainfall decreases considerably. The sun warms up, but the heat does not reach its highest temperatures, which means that we can still enjoy this wonder of the world dressed in lush green.

For experts of the Inca sanctuary, visiting Machu Picchu in April is a good opportunity, since it is an intermediate season where we find fewer travelers, and where we can still admire the green carpets that illuminate the ruins and its surroundings.

So, this time I will tell you everything you should know if you are organizing your trip to the Inca City around this time. Let’s see.

April: is it a good time to visit Machu Picchu?

Holy Week is often celebrated in the month of April in Peru, so Cusco receives many tourists from other parts of the country, as well as international travelers, who are part of the processions and the different festivities.

Even in these circumstances, Machu Picchu remains quiet compared to the main high season from June to August. In addition, the weather remains pleasant and sunny, with minimal rainfall. Likewise, it is still possible to find some discounts and offers on tour packages, tours and lodging.

What is the weather like in April?

The arrival of April means that the rainy season is finally over, and visitors can now enjoy the Sacred Valley of the Incas with clearer skies at night, and cooler, but slightly cooler, nighttime temperatures.

In general, the maximum temperature is around 21°C, while the minimum is 5°C. In addition, between 8 to 15 days of rain are expected during this month, although these are usually light and of short duration. There may also be some snow in April in Machu Picchu!

What to wear for Machu Picchu in April?

In the month of April, the weather in Machu Picchu can be variable, with hot, sunny days and sporadic showers. Therefore, it is important to bring clothes that allow you to be comfortable in different weather conditions. Consider the following clothing and accessories:

  • A comfortable, lightweight coat to protect you from wind and possible rain.
  • Cotton shirts. Comfortable and breathable clothing, such as T-shirts, shorts and light pants.
  • A raincoat or rain poncho, as April is a month in which there may be precipitation.
  • Comfortable, sturdy shoes, such as hiking boots or sneakers with good grip soles.
  • Thick, absorbent socks, as they can help prevent blisters and keep feet dry in case of rain.
  • A hat or cap to protect you from the sun and wind.
  • Sunscreen, as the altitude and proximity to the equator can make the sun more intense.
  • A small backpack to carry your personal belongings and hiking supplies, such as water, snacks, sunglasses and a camera. Don’t forget to bring extra batteries, and a mosquito repellent spray, as there are many in the area.

As we can see, it is important to take into account the heat and cold when packing for your trip to Machu Picchu in April. If you can add layered clothing to adapt to the different options of the environment, so much the better!

How busy is the month of April?

Although the arrival of Holy Week may bring numerous travelers from the rest of the country, as well as from other Latin American countries, it is still a very quiet and uncongested month compared to the high seasons, so you will not have to wait in long lines to purchase your tickets.

However, it is advisable to make your reservations in advance. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of seasonal offers, as well as discounts and price reductions on tours, packages, lodging, transportation, and much more.

Recommendations for visiting Machu Picchu in April

Undoubtedly, one of the best experiences that the Inca City will offer you in April are the Easter Week celebrations. The entire city comes alive with processions and festivities alluding to this tradition, as well as traditional music and dances that can be exciting to witness.

Another interesting celebration in the region is Easter Monday, which is a festival that honors the Señor de los Temblores (Lord of the Earthquakes). This festivity honors the earthquake of 1650 that affected Cusco, carrying an effigy of the “Señor de los Temblores” (Lord of the Tremors) through the city.

In addition, in April it is possible to hike in Machu Picchu and its surroundings because the roads are not very muddy and the weather is dry and pleasant. In addition, the vegetation is at its peak to enjoy its colors and freshness that enrich the views of the mountains tinged with an intense green.

As a photographer, you will take amazing pictures to share and to remember your trip! Also, considering that there are fewer tourists, you will be able to make the most of the views of the Sacred Valley and capture images from the best angles.

Likewise, hiking enthusiasts can make the most of the dry and blooming part of the Machu Picchu region to hike trails such as the Inca Trail, the Salkantay Trek or even trails inside Machu Picchu, such as the hike to Wayna Picchu.

As for the most convenient means of transportation in this month, you can take the train from Cusco to Machu Picchu from the Poroy station in Cusco, and not the bus to Ollantaytambo, as is done only from January to March. In this sense, the route will be much simpler and more comfortable.

Although April is a popular month to visit Cusco, it is not as crowded as the months of June to August. This means that you can enjoy the tourist sites and the city without as many crowds and long lines.

Offering pleasant weather, cultural events, fewer tourists, and lower prices, it is the perfect month to discover Machu Picchu and fall in love with this wonder of the world.

How about Machu Picchu in another month?